Patch Me Up

by Sin Seer

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released January 15, 2019

Recorded in Austin, TX
Mixed & Mastered at 1090 Studios
Written by Cameron McLendon
Lyrics by Trey Saucillo
Guest Vocals by Jonathan Haubert


all rights reserved



Sin Seer Austin, Texas

Sin Seer is heavy metal group consisting of two individuals originating from the roots of south Texas. By taking their heavier influences and blending them with alternative melodies, the duo have been able to hone their craft by developing a unique sound that separates them from other heavier acts of today. ... more

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Track Name: Patch Me Up
Patch me up just like you do
Trust in me, and I'll believe in you
Patch me up just like you will
Resume the process as usual

Patch me up just like you have
Tie the thread, pulling off the mask
Eyes are sore, the fingers are frail
The inevitable end is soon to tell

So patch me up just like you would
Your weary hands are understood
Patch me up like you used to do
Healing from the loss of you.

(Now get me out of this skin...)

Over used and over worn
So much so, the fabric's torn
All of my insides are spilling on the floor.

(Ripped apart and torn...)

I can't do this anymore...
Depending on all of you
Seeking help and getting through
I need to understand what it takes
To heal and adore
To overwhelm with support
(To protect and love...)
Now it's time to patch myself up.

On my own.

Patch myself up again...
Track Name: Never Enough
Why is it not...?

(Why am I...)
So ungrateful?
How distasteful
I've become so hateful

(Why do I...)
Bounce from side to side?
I don't decide
And I don't know why

(Why can't I...)
See what's in front of me?
I've become blind to see
Disregarded generosity

(Why must I...)
Close my eyes and fantasize
about another perfect lie in disguise?

Myself is all I see
What's so hard to believe?
Nothing is meant to be
Destroyed destinies
All the roads are blurry now
I'm always lost somehow
Losing sight but not the sound
I will find my way around

So short-sided and misguided
So selfish, I can't deny it
Apologies, because I've been hurt
And hopeful words were never heard

I've become what I've most hated
Understatements are complacent
Giving up, I'm losing hope...
I really tried, I swear on my soul!

But you know what?
It is never enough

Why is it not...?
Track Name: Doppelgänger Stranger II
I love the way you look at me
My eye's a lens, so clear to see
My greatest fantasy is now becoming my reality
How you smile drives me wild
I can't explain why I'm riled
Such a chill down my spine
Eccentric pleasures so divine
Your voice so sweet, I want a taste
I beg of you,
To look me in the eyes and stare me in the face

I know I've seen you... (once before)
I know I've met you... (once before)
I know I've heard of you... (once before)
I could have sworn I've seen you once before...

And all of these memories
All of these fantasies have all taken me,
To a memory so familiarly
Truth or fiction, I cannot lie
What feels so wrong now seems so right
Feelings come and then soon they'll pass
It seems like forever never seems to last
New faces are taking shape
It was only a matter of time before they were replaced...

And you weren't who I thought you were
I don't give a fuck anymore

I know, I've seen once before
I know, I really don't care anymore
I know...
Track Name: For His Eyes Only
I wonder what if you lived to be,
A perfect picture, a masterpiece
All of the colors would shine so bright
Inside my darkened world, you'd shed the light...

I question why you have ceased to be
Changing every single possibility

Chase the wind, just like the breeze...

You're slipping through my fingers
You're still slipping now
You've slipped through my fingers
So gracefully...

But the sad reality is,
You were never real, to begin with
You were never real.

But the sad reality is,
We were never real, to begin with
We were never real...
Track Name: Any Day Now
Pacing back and forth,
I'm so caught up in this storm
So illogically informed
Disposed of all that I am worth

Counting the clock the pass the time
Only in time will I know why
Minutes are hours not flying by
Leaving to hang me high and dry...

Yes, I'll sit and I will wait all day...
For any day now (come on)
Any day now

Over and over, it never ends
Bleeding; repeating until it makes sense
Deeper and deeper, it's piercing me
Twisted incisions of misery
So sick and so tired of waiting for this
The days are so long,
They're anything but minutes
Now I long for, now I wish,
Ignorance in bliss...

Yes, I'll sit and I will wait all night...
For any day now (come on)
Any day now...

I will sit and I will wait, all day and all night
Even if it takes all of my precious time
Yes, I'll sit and I will wait
All day and all night long now
Even if it's just for that one last goodbye...

And so I'll sit
And I will wait
For that very day
When your ghost
Finally fades, all away
And so I'll sit
And I will wait
For that very moment
When your face
Finally fades, all away

Any second now
Any minute now
Any hour now
Any day now...

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